Locast destroy food crops in Africa

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Locusts have destroyed thousands of acres of crops in east Africa.

This means that more than 20 million people are now facing food shortages.

In 2020 there have been twenty times more locusts than usual. An increase in the amount of rainfall has encouraged the locusts to breed in larger numbers.

The United Nations said that the locusts are “an extremely alarming” threat to millions of people living in east Africa.

Desert locusts tend to feed on crops meant for humans and travel in incredibly large groups called swarms.

This latest swarm comes after a similar event occurred in January.

How damaging can locusts be?

The United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organisation said that a swarm covering one square kilometre contains up to 80 million locusts.

The insects can travel up to 150 kilometres (93 miles) in 24 hours and an adult locust eats its own body weight in food each day.

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