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  1. Dude, you need to do some more research on this topic cause you got your facts wrong. I am vegetarian and me or any one in my family has ever told someone else’s to be vegetarian! Thanks for the stereotype!
    Also the comparison you made with lions “not feeling bad’ about killing the zebra. You do realise that lions are “CARNOVORES” and means they can ONLY eat meat. Where as humans are “OMNIVORES” and eat both.
    Anyway those are just 2 mistakes I found. Other than that and a couple of other things it was a good article.

  2. Hi everyone I agree with this and disagree I think that its healthy to be vegetarian and not vegetarian 🙂

  3. I am not a vegetarian but I think eating meat is good and I think that meat is really nice.

  4. I am definitely not a vegan or a vegetarian because i’m not going to give up meat that delish bacon ribs and so much more you’ve got to be crazy to give up that. ad to those teens its not that cool to be vegetarian and i’m not forcing you to turn but come on seriously.
    thanks for reading by.

  5. I am not a vegetarian. I personally think it is unhealthy, Because you can’t get as much protein. As if you are a someone who eats meat, meat has lots of protein.

  6. Hi everyone,
    I agree with this artical being a vegetarian is OK because even though they are eating different we are still the same.

  7. I am not vegetarian or any thing like that.
    I will eat any thing except the things i don’t like, like avocado.
    By Ethan.

  8. Good article, but there could be some improvements. You are stereotyping vegetarians like myself by saying that they “force their lifestyle onto other people”. I am vegetarian and I completely respect people who eat meat. Also, humans are omnivores so they eat plants and meat. Surely you can have a choice? And when you referenced lions, they are carnivores so they have a complete meat based diet. Another thing you missed is, believe it or not, some people like me generally don’t like meat! By the way, most sensible teenagers do not become vegetarian because it is “cool and desirable”. They feel the need to exclude meat from their diet for multiple reasons. It isn’t just a fad. For vegetarians, it is a lifestyle and a choice. Thank you 🙂

  9. Dudes,Meat and veg is great,and I am all good with vegetarians. This article is not very correct,and some people dont like meat! BUT!!! Dont be like my sister and consider a scrawny chicken wing as a filling dinner! You must still eat enough,and I agree with the fact that we are growing and we need protein etc.
    From Goatee ?

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