Leopard Escapes Zoo in Utah, USA

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A leopard escaped from it’s enclosure in Hogle Zoo, Salt Lake City, Utah.

Hundreds of zoo visitors took shelter inside buildings, such as cafes or gift shops.

The 4-year-old female leopard was found by visitors at the zoo about an hour later sleeping on a high outdoor ledge in a public area close to its exhibit.

The rare Amur leopard, named Zeya, was tranquilised.

Zoo staff don’t yet know how the leopard escaped.

70 Responses

  1. Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CUTE!!!!!but mostly sad!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. good thing they took shelter I was worried reading that article and I was sad & scared for those people 🙁

  3. Wow! that leopard must be very smart to escape. It must of been terrifying seeing a wild killer out lose! ?????????

  4. WOW!Smart kitty xD.I think that anyone can agree that she is adorable and smart because 4 YEARS?!?!Wow if she can escape at 4 years old than she must be a pretty good escape artist.Loads of people would be scared though :O

  5. Hey cole you spell watch like W A T C H not W H A T C H and it is not a loin that isn’t even how you spell lion.

    Anyway its a cheetah right we all know they are dangerous creatures and not many people have touched one because they are so dangerous comment on this if you have touched a cheetah.

    I will be taking comments from now until the 16th of June that is next week so comment all you want I just want to know if you have touched a cheetah???

    I know I haven’t!!!

    Till then enjoy KIWI KIDS NEWS!!!

  6. oh my gosh thats scary but the leopard is cute

    # so cute i love cats lions and the rest of the cat family and cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. (This is entirely my opinion and do not judge) I think that SOME Zoos neglect the animals. This is because you can see that the animals in SOME zoos are not very happy. Although I do not entirely agree with the purpose of exhibiting animals to humans, it can be good because you can see the animals in real life and learn about them. Though I do not think that studying them whilst in a zoo is a good idea, because this is NOT what they act like in their natural habitat. Another reason for having a zoo and my opinion on it will be stated in my next comment.

  8. Part 2.
    Zoos are mostly for saving endangered animals. Yes this is correct. I think that this is an excellent idea for small animals like birds. But, for the larger animals like lions and leopards, this is like torture for them. They should be kept in their natural habitat in the wilderness. How? They need our help because they are Endangered! This is completely true. But, we can protect their natural habitat. We can check on them, and make sure they are doing O.K. See! We do not need Zoos!

  9. i love leopards they are so cute and soft i will only die if it is by being eaten by a leopard that is the only way i will dye i swear

  10. heaps of comments impressive i am the owner of there so it is alright i replaced it already thnx for youre comments

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