Lego blocks to be sustainable by 2030

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Lego, the world’s most famous toymaker, has announced plans to be 100% sustainable by 2030.

Due to the fact that plastic is dangerous to the environment the company has been working to change the way they produce their famous toy.

Lego’s name is a contraction in Danish for “Leg Godt” or “Play Well”

Lego, based in the western Danish town of Billund, has no plans to abandon plastic. Rather, it aims to improve on the materials it uses.

Currently, most of its pieces are made of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), a petroleum-based substance also used to make household appliances.

Currently, two percent of its plastic pieces, or 80 of around 3,600 construction pieces, are made of a bio-sourced material, a sugarcane-based polyethylene.

These pieces are mostly trees, leaves and bushes you find in Lego. The trick will be to see if Lego can use this product to make the bricks, which have to stick together tightly.

New pieces will have the same physical properties as the old ones: strength, colour fastness, and sticking power, in order to remain compatible with older pieces.

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  1. I do like the environment so I can really agree with the changes. one thing that I’m worried about is that are the sets in the future going to get more expensive.

  2. first of all there called LEGO bricks not blocks and that’s a long way away an there going to be sustainable??

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