Leggings are not pants

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A decree advising tourists in their country that legging are not pants has been issued in Qatar.

Pamphlets have been distributed in the Gulf state in the Islamic country, warning that leggings are not considered modest enough to be worn in public.

The Reflect Your Respect campaign has listed some tips for tourists on how to dress modestly and appropriately for the 2022 Football World Cup which Qatar will be hosting.

Visitors are asked to preserve the culture and values of the country, the campaign stating: “If you are in Qatar, you are one of us. Please dress modestly in public places” and notes that “leggings are not pants.”

Article written by  D Mulhern

25 Responses

  1. I think this is unfair for people who live in Qatar. I believe they should be allowed to wear leggings. Leggings are easy wear and are as modest as can be. I don’t understand why Qatar has different ideas. 🙁

  2. I strongly believe that Qatar should be able to wear leggings they are really comfortable to wear. I don’t understand why they are Not allowed to wear them!!!:)

  3. I think that being a person is about expressing yourself!
    If you want to wear leggings then wear leggings!
    Leggings are so so stylish and they cover you!
    Plus you can actually move in leggings!
    Leggings are SO pants except they don’t rip as easy as jeans!!!!!
    If you believe that leggings are your thing, then you should be proud
    to wear them in public!!!
    Stick to what you feel is right and stylish! (Mostly right though) 🙂
    The people in Qatar really need to use their heads!!!!
    Plus, if I were in Qatar I’d have to throw out most of my wardrobe!!!! 🙁
    My wardrobe is basically MADE out of leggings!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Well if the country changes the law, they change the law. anyway you can just wear shorts over them or something. I mean, we could atleast pay a little respect to their beliefs

  5. i think that they are pants because if there not pants then what are they because there not shorts or jeans or trackpants i know that some people call them tights but they are pants

  6. I think this is CARAAAZYYY because it’s just overwhelming that people should be able to make their own choices about what they wear.

  7. – That’s SO Not fair!

    – People should be able to wear leggings..

    – This article just makes me upset..

    ( Not about it posted just about why people are not able to wear leggings 🙁 )

  8. I think thats okay because leggings without pants don’t look so good unless used in sports. But banning them is strange, people should be able to wear what they wan’t even if their choice isn’t the best.

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