Law to stop cyber bullying goes to parliament

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A law which aims to stop cyber bullying by groups and individuals was introduced  to Parliament today.
The bill is called the Harmful Communications Bill and is aimed directly at cyber bullies.
Justice Minister Judith Collins said said that cyber bullying can have a devastating impact to a person’s life. The Harmful Communications Bill in New Zealand will help protect potential victims and hold suspected groups and individuals responsible for their actions.
One of the key aspects of the bill is that it will be an offence to send messages and post material online with intent to cause harm to people.
People will be liable for 3 months imprisonment or a $2,000 fine.
The bill is only in its first stage of reading at this stage.
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27 Responses

  1. Well i am going to get fined a million dollars and anyway that should not be a law because no one owns the internet no corporation no person no one owns it they don’t have permission to make that a law so fuc the police and john key LOOK AT ME JOHN KEY GO STUFF YOUR SELF

  2. Well the NZ government does not have permission to do that because the internet is not owned by anyone not any coronation or any human or any thing in the universe so i can cyber bully because they don’t have permission to do that so dear john key and the government go stuff your self

  3. I totally agree. Cyber Bulling is wrong. Please PCNerd watch your language some of the stuff you said is wrong.

  4. I think that this is going to work really well. I love the idea of People being liable for 3 months imprisonment or a $2,000 fine. I hate cyber bullying and it would be great if it was under control and not happening anymore.

  5. I think cyber bullying is not cool because young people are using self harm because they are listening to mean and selfish people that are talking about them and sending nasty messages to.

  6. I think bullying is mean because kids kill them self because of bullying. You should treat people how you want to be treated.

  7. bulling is wrong no one should be bulled.
    it should be stoped Stright away.
    bullying is just sad 🙁
    it could really hurt somebody.
    image if it was you, you would hate it.
    think before you act.

  8. I agree cyber bullying is wrong and I also think that they should get fined for hurting people over the internet. SO STOP CYBER BULLYING!!!

  9. I am so glad that someone agrees to anti bullying because some people just dont know how horrible it is when people bully other people.
    Wear pink on the 20th of November to show that you are against bullying.

  10. FINALLY! They thought about other teenagers and younger users in the internet, because lately for the past few years a lot of teenagers and other younger users around the internet has been a big victim of Cyber bullying for the past few years. I’m really glad they thought about Safety of we people.
    However, I thought they should make the fine more bigger like 5,000 or more. Because, cyber bullying isn’t just make a person hurt itself inside but also can make them have a fear of facing others in the future and may be worst.

  11. i hope all my children and any ones children have stoped it to becoause what if it was u geting bulled and i wante it to be band

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