Lava edges closer to Hawaiian homes

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Molten rock is creeping its way towards homes in the town of Pahoa on the big island of Hawaii.

The Kilauea volcano on the island has been erupting continuously since 1983.

Usually, residents are lucky as the lava flows away from their homes, but this time it is oozing slowly their way.

The lave is moving about nine metres a day and authorities say they may have to evacuate homes in the coming week.

Written by Charlotte


13 Responses

  1. WOW! 9 meters a day!! and there just sitting there “OH MY GOD! LAVA IS COMING IN SO SLOW I DON’T THINK I CAN GET AWAY FROM IT IF IT’S MOVING 9 METERS A DAY, HOW ARE WE GONNA LEAVE IF WE CAN’T OUT DRIVE IT 9 METERS A DAY!”. I mean come on just jump in your car and go for it, jump on a plane and go to another island!!

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