Lava flow hits first home

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A stream of lava that has been creeping towards a Hawaii town for months has now destroyed a house.

Thankfully, the people living in the house on the Big Island had already left.

The lava from Kilauea volcano entered the town two weeks ago and has smothered a cemetery and two sheds.

The temperature of lava is 1000 degrees Celsius – ten times hotter than boiling water from a hot water jug.

It’s so hot that it consumes everything it touches. No object can survive the lava flow.

The United States once tried to stop a lava flow in Hawaii by bombing it – but the bomb crater left behind just refilled with lava.

In Iceland, crews used billions of gallons of cold water to cool down a lava flow but this was a hugely expensive operation.

Stopping a lava flow is only an option for wealthy countries.

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