Large fire breaks out in London building

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A large fire has destroyed a tower block in London.

The fire broke out at around 1pm yesterday NZ time (1am Local time) at the Grenfell Tower in North Kensington in West London.

Firefighters arrived at the scene in six minutes but struggled to contain the large fire.

The London Fire Brigade said they were able to rescue “a large number of people very early on”. However, some people are known to have died or been injured in the fire.

Local churches, mosques and businesses are helping people who have been affected and Queens Park Rangers football club has also opened its doors to anyone who needs help.

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  1. Sad I hope everyone is okay. I heard that some people even had to jump out of windows so sad I feel like crying right now.???

  2. I hope all the people who were saved are ok. Whoever started that fire is horrible.

  3. this is sad who ever did this is mean. why do people think its funny and great and amazing.

  4. so sad whoever was in that building hope you are ok and the people who died you probably had a good life. 🙁

  5. Its really sad to hear this bad thing i wish no one died but sadly my wish did not come true

  6. The fire was mad by faulty cabling and power surges. There were also no sprinklers. I feel really sorry for them.

  7. It would of been an advantage for the people living on the bottom floors because thats where the fire fighters would first go, Or they just ran out. I wonder if anyone jumped out the window?

  8. Nobody started the fire. It started on its own despite all the terrorist attacks that have been happening in England. Whoever thinks this is “Funny” or “Great” news. You need to get a grip. This is NOT funny.

  9. Im more concerned for the people that think this is “funny” than the people that were actually in the building. Also, the fire wasn’t caused by a person (intentionally), the fire was caused by faulty cabling and not a person.

  10. I feel so sad for the people in the fire
    I hope that everyone that survived is
    ok. I feel soooooo sorry for those
    people in the fire.

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