Lady Gaga’s flying dress

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Lady Gaga has shown off a high-tech ‘flying’ dress to promote her upcoming third album.

Gaga was lifted a few metres off the ground by a machine she calls Volantis during a party for her new album which is called Artpop.

The device is powered by batteries and pushes the wearer into the air.

The dress fits the body of the person wearing it with a moulded plastic suit.

It’s not the first time the 27-year-old’s clothes have made the news.

Back in 2010 Gaga made headlines around the world with her dress made from meat.

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1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

28 Responses

  1. isn’t that a bit wierd having a silly flying drees for a 1/2 wierd singer?
    any way LLLOOOLLL!!!
    that is so “what the? and not my type”

  2. I don’t like Lady Gaga either. No offence to her, but who would want a flying dress? Or a dress made from meat? That is kind of ridiculous. No offence to Lady Gaga. (I know I wrote that before)

  3. why are all of you guys being such haters! I think Lady Gaga is a very creative person and is an awesome singer. I think all of you guys are just jealous!

  4. Okay I understand that she wants to be flashy with the meat dress I don’t know why though but come on gaga a flying dress really a lot overboard

  5. Lady gaga has been going a little out with all the funny weird outfits latly i bet shes doing it for attention she hasnt exactly been in the spot light this year except for her lattest song ‘applause’ but that didnt last long and it was a bad relese timing she should have done it after katy perrys ‘roar’ had died down but we love her anyway!

  6. Omg!! Really lady gaga thats way to over board! Why did u create a flying dress u might not even fit in ur own home so then u would have to take it off and to be honest ur not being stylie ur just adding way to much things on to make it look awesome! :p

  7. #LadyGaga’s Dress, SWAGALICIOUS. A bit overboard I think but it seems quite alright compared to the meat dress.

  8. At least it doesn’t spoil like the meat dress would I guess but it is still a big crazy, when is she going to stop?!

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