Most Kiwi Kids Using Wrong Toothpaste

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Pre-schoolers should be using full-strength toothpaste, but only about 20% do, new research says.
A study has found many Kiwi parents don’t really know what kind of toothpaste they should be giving their kids.
It found that despite Ministry of Health advice that people of all ages should use “full-strength fluoride toothpaste” only about 19 percent of those under 5 years old were.
First children were less likely to be using adult toothpaste than their younger siblings, suggesting parents were being given the information over time.
Not surprisingly, the study also found those who visited dentists more often were more likely to use full toothpaste.
The Ministry of Health’s website explicitly advises toothpastes labelled as “child strength” should be avoided.

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  1. Wow, I didn’t even know that. I usually use fluoride toothpaste, but it’s not that minty, and it’s for 5-8 yrs, and I’m 9, am I using the right toothpaste?

  2. I think that the toothpaste for the little kids are what the other kids use by Acidint.

  3. That is not turtle because I am a kid and we say that is a lie and we can do what we think is right so I SAY NO that is the turth ok

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