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Kiwi Kids News Daily – 6th April

Today is Monday 6th April, 2020. In our learning today we are going to read a school journal, write a creative story and start our study of geometry.

READING – Journal Story

Last week we read an article about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Please CLICK HERE to read.

We have lots of reefs off our New Zealand coastline. Read the story below about a reef just off Taranaki.


When you have read the article complete the following activities
1. Write down 10 new vocabulary words you found by read the article. If you couldn’t find any words you didn’t know then create a list of 10 important words. These will be used in your writing today.

WRITING – Creative Writing

Today you are going to use the following image as a prompt for our writing.

Your task is to write a creative story about an undersea robotic creation.

Perhaps some things to think about – What is the animal? What is it doing? What could be the problem/solution in the story? Are there any other characters.
1. Plan your story – beginning, middle and end
2. Plan your vocabulary – Use as many of the 10 creative words you collected in your story.
3. Write your story and share in the comments below if you would like.

MATHS – Geometry – Points, lines and planes

Watch the video below and then work on the questions below. Write your answer in your worksheet or in a workbook.

Questions – SET 1

Questions – SET 2

A LITTLE EXTRA – Bingo Board of Awesomeness

We have developed a little resource at Kiwi Kids to keep your learning at home. Look at the collection of activities below. Today look at the board and select at least one that you could complete. Let us know in the comments below which one you enjoyed. CLICK HERE for more details.


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