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Kiwi Kids News Daily – 31st March

Today is Tuesday 31st March, 2020. In our learning today we are going to complete a CLOZE activity, write a factual report and continue our study of fractions.


Today we are going to read a CLOZE activity around space. Using the resource below fill in the missing spaces with the correct word.
CLICK HERE to download.

  1. Read through the text once.
  2. Use the vocab list at the top of the page to fill in all the gaps on the CLOZE activity.

WRITING – Formal Writing

Today you are going to write a factual report about our Solar System. Your aim is to write something that could be used as an online resource. Therefore, your writing needs to be factually correct.
Follow the instructions below;
1. Re-read the CLOZE activity, watch the video below and look at the infographic.
2. Plan your writing out by selecting the main points from each of the sources.
3. Write your factual report and share in the comments below.

Jupiter Facts
by mhars.

From Visually.

MATHS – Fractions – Working with Parts

Watch the video below and then work on the questions below. Write your answer in your worksheet or in a workbook.

Questions – SET 1

Questions – SET 2

Questions – SET 3

A LITTLE EXTRA – Bingo Board of Awesomeness

We have developed a little resource at Kiwi Kids to keep your learning at home. Look at the collection of activities below. Today look at the board and select at least one that you could complete. Let us know in the comments below which one you enjoyed. CLICK HERE for more details.


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