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Kiwi Kids News Daily – 27th March

Today is the 27th March 2020, and it’s Friday Funday. In our learning today we are going to read a short story, write our highs and lows for the week and play a couple of maths games.


Firstly, watch the Kiwi Kids News catch up for Friday 27th March


Then, click into the Kahoot Quiz – https://kahoot.it/challenge/0223988?challenge-id=900b0160-6594-48aa-b4a2-d0be7f9c723f_1585195468455
Use the game code – 0223988

When asked for your name put your first name and then your school so we can see where people are from. All the best!!

READING – Short Story

Today we are going to read a short story. CLICK HERE for a link to the story. It is a famous short story about a man given a task by his wife.

Once your have read the story your task is to create a book cover for the story.
Use an A4 piece of paper.
Include the title of the story – What a good man does is always right.

WRITING – Write your highs and lows for this week

Today you are going to write down the highs and lows for the week. At a time like this, it is good to think about the things we are grateful for. It is also a time to recognise things that are hard.

Complete the task by following these steps.
1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for. Make sure you use full sentences to explain your thinking
a) NZ cricket captain Kane Williamson has written a cool letter to those health workers – this might be good to read to get some examples. CLICK HERE
2. Write down 3 things that have been lows this week.
a) They might be things you have found hard etc.

If you think you might need to talk to someone about your lows we encourage you to do so – this might be parents, extended family, or teacher or a friend. Remember you can call people on the phone.

MATHS – Games

Today we are going to play a couple of games for maths today because it is Friday Funday. We suggest your practice your maths with these games for around 20minutes.

GAME ONE – Multiplication

GAME TWO – Percentages
CLICK HERE to download a percentage maths game to play with your family. We have been working on percentages all week so this will be a good challenge.

GAME THREE – Check out these pages for some good maths games
Place value pirates – https://mrnussbaum.com/place-value-pirates-online-game
Division Games – https://mrnussbaum.com/fun-division-games-from-computermice

A LITTLE EXTRA – Bingo Board of Awesomeness

We have developed a little resource at Kiwi Kids to keep your learning at home. Look at the collection of activities below. Today look at the board and select at least one that you could complete. Let us know in the comments below which one you enjoyed. CLICK HERE for more details.


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