Kiwi Kids News Treasure Hunt

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Welcome the Kiwi Kids News Treasure Hunt and your chance to win cool weekly prizes.

Starting on Tuesday 14th April readers of Kiwi Kids News will need to be on the lookout for the Kiwi Kids News robot.

Each day the Kiwi Kids News Robot will be placed within two of our articles.

Your task is to read through our articles, find the Kiwi Kids News Robot and record the title of the articles for that day.

Once you have done this, record your personal details and the titles of the two articles in the form below.

Entries limited to one entry, per person per day.

On Friday we will select one lucky person from all our correct answers and they will a lucky prize.

Week starting 14th April – Cooper Birch – Aberdeen School

17 Responses

  1. The two articles are the half male and half female beeand the cyclone batters the paciffic ocean

  2. The articles that I was reading was the half female and the half male bee and the rat explosion in Sydney

  3. The two articles are Donald Trump to allow mining on the moon and Scientist find half male, half female bee. I can’t access the for. Jacob Walker, Forrest Hill School.

  4. This’ll be interesting to take part of, though I do not understand why you should end the article with that vast amount of “Enters”. It doesn’t really seem necessary; I haven’t seen this before.

  5. One of them is in the article ‘ Scientists find half male half female bee and the article ‘Cyclone batters the Pacific Ocean’.

  6. I found two articles with the robot. Donald Trump to allow mining on the moon and Scientist find half male, half female bee

  7. The two articles the kiwi kids news robot is in today is ‘Rugby Union to freeze players wages’ and ‘Man accidentally ejects himself from plane’.

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