Kiwi Kea steals gopro

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A checky kea collected some amazing video footage after it stole a GoPro from some trampers.

The kea filmed amazing views over the Kepler Track, as well as a closeup of its own attack on the camera.

The Verheul family said they had been hiking the Kepler Track, and were staying at a hut when they were joined by some kea.

One of the keas snatched the camera and flew off, filming its flight down the hillside.

Kea’s are New Zealand’s native alpine parrot species. They are known known for their curious and mischievous nature – and for swiping wallets, jewellery, packed lunches, windscreen wipers and other valuables from unsuspecting tourists and visitors.

The GoPro captures the airborne escape, as well as the kea’s landing and brief, slightly frenzied attack on the camera – ultimately filming a closeup of the bird’s face as it strips off hunks of plastic.

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