KFC to try meat-free chicken

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KFC is experimenting with chicken free meat in their products.


Two products, chicken nuggets and chicken wings will be made from a plant-based product that resembles meat. KFC say they will be made to have a similar texture to chicken.

At this stage, the plant-based nuggets will be trialled in Atlanta in the US and then if successful moved throughout the world.

The move follows a big increase in the number of restaurants and fast food chains experimenting with plant-based options.

A key reason is the growth in the number of people becoming vegan and vegetarian.

29 Responses

  1. I honestly dont care but what i dont get is meat free chicken, chicken is meat and if they keep on saying its vegetarian chicken then they will get a reputation for making there food in labs

  2. Why don´t they make these plant based meals and still keep the meat not all of us are vegeterins ya know

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