Kate Winslet breaks underwater record

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Kate Winslet has broken the underwater filming record.

The actor managed to hold her breath underwater for seven minutes and 12 seconds.

Kate achieved the feat while filming a scene for new film Avatar 2.

Tom Cruise held the previous record. He managed to do it for six minutes whilst filming an underwater stunt for one of his Mission: Impossible movies.

Avatar 2 is believed to feature a new marine life form and has required much of its cast to shoot scenes underwater. However, the filming for the movie had to be postponed due to coronavirus.

Avatar 2 will be out December 16 2022, and Avatar 3 will be released December 20 2024!

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  1. Navy seals can hold their breath two maybe three minutes and they have to practice.hhmmmmmm

  2. This story is amazing, i cant believe she can hold her breath for that long, but i am pretty sure that Yeet is lying

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