[content_protector password=”running”]Last week a tourist, a single man in his early thirties, left New Zealand.

He’d been here for work, and then decided to spend a few extra days seeing a bit of the country. His brother and sister-in-law had been a year or so back with their young son, and they had clearly suggested to him that he’d enjoy a visit.

He didn’t stay long, but found time to see many of the main attractions and do some of the usual tourist things: the WestPac Stadium in Wellington to watch a Super 15 game; a wildlife sanctuary on Stewart Island; a spot of shopping on Christchurch’s Re:START mall; a waka trip on the Whanganui; a quick game of soccer in Auckland.

Unlike some of the thousands of tourists who visit New Zealand every year, he behaved himself. He dressed appropriately, he ate what was offered to him, respected cultural heritage and tradition, and even joined in at one point.

Maybe that’s why his visit hit the headlines…


[colored_box color=”green”]This is an opinion-based article designed to provoke debate, discussion and further inquiry amongst your students:  [/colored_box]  [colored_box color=”yellow”]Critical Thinking Challenges:

1. What’s all the fuss about? Why is Harry so popular?

2. What is the value to New Zealand in having a member of the British royal family visit?


[/colored_box] [colored_box color=”green”]Practical Task:

Imagine that you are Prince Harry and that you keep a holiday journal for your trip to New Zealand. Write an entry for each day – talking about the activities you’ve participated in, the people you’ve met and where you’ve been. (You could be matter-of-fact, funny, bored, excited, etc… You choose the mood and style.)


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