Junk food adverts target children

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New research has found that junk food advertising is mainly targeted at children.
The study covered eight days and three channels of New Zealand television. In that time they analysed over 10,000 advertisements, of which about 1800 were for food.
Over two thirds of the food ads were for products which, under World Health Organisation standards, should not be marketed to children.
Nearly 90 percent of them were shown during children’s peak viewing times.
It found one third of unhealthy food advertisements included a promotional character and one third contained a premium offer, like a give-away.
The research was published in the Public Health Nutrition journal.

17 Responses

  1. Kids should de aloud to eat unhealthy food it’s their own body and no one can control them

  2. Why should food advertisement target children, they probably can’t go alone to the shop or something

  3. Junk food is really bad for kids especially babies because you don’t want your kid to have rotten teeth or want to be a fatty.

  4. I think this is really disgusting how this junk food has gone this far and it is actually making this world fat.

  5. I think this is crule to children becuse the may not know or care about this so please if you are part of one of the ads stop aiming them twards kids becuase im one.

  6. It seems pretty needy for advertisers to directly target children when advertising their food.

  7. This is terrible and really I think it should be targeted at adults because they have the money

  8. I don’t like the idea of all the advertisements on unhealthy food. Why can’t healthy food be promoted instead?

  9. wait exuse me but um does this mean they wont sell junk food to kids if so they suck 🙁

  10. I disagree we should eat healthy because when we grow up if we ate a lot of junk food we might not be very healthy

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