John Key in trouble after pulling ponytail

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New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is in trouble after pulling the pony tail of an Auckland cafe worker.
According to Amanda Bailey the Prime Minster pulled on her ponytail on repeated occasions while visiting the cafe she worked in.
When Mr Key found out the worker was upset about the incident he visited the cafe to apologise.
However, Ms Bailey then posted an anonymous letter on a website two days ago where she said the Prime Minster behaved like a “schoolyard bully” when visiting the cafe during the past six months.
Mr Key’s office responded by issuing an apology for any offence caused, saying his interactions were intended to be “light-hearted”. He is a regular visitor to the cafe.

37 Responses

  1. Pulling someone’s ponytail? Why? If he visits there regularly, why should he do that?

  2. So he didn’t mean to hurt her he was just joking. I don’t understand why everyone’s so mad about this.

  3. I think people are cute so I pull their face. My friends tell me not to but I’m not going to listen to them. Because I think you should appreciate people doing something because it has a meaning why they are doing it and the meaning is not bad. And especially it’s the prime minister you should feel special and plus he said sorry and he going to be very sad if you guys keep giving bad comments.

  4. I thought you were a role model but instead you were a BBBBBUUUUULLLLLLLLLLYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. wooow,what was he thinking.That is why New Zealand is trying to reduce the amount of bullying [but the prime minister did it him self].

  6. What’s the big fuss? He pulled her ponytail. She didn’t like it. He apologized. And DONE. But no, we have to make a huge fuss out of a bump in the road.

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