Jacinda Ardern new New Zealand Prime Minister

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New Zealand First has announced that it will form a coalition government with the New Zealand Labour party.
This means that Jacinda Ardern is the next Prime Minister of New Zealand.
Ardern will claim the top job after only two and a-half months as Labour leader.
The decision will be a shock to National. Currently, they hold two more seats than the Labour-Green partnership.
Ardern will be New Zealand’s third woman Prime Minister, after Jenny Shipley and Helen Clark. She will become the second youngest ever Prime Minister, after Edward Stafford who was also aged 37 when he took office 161 years ago.
After the September 23 election, Labour’s 36.9 per cent and the Greens’ 6.3 per cent gave them 54 seats between them, not enough for a majority without New Zealand First.
The three parties have 63 seats.
National polled 44.4 per cent and holds 56 seats, not enough for an outright majority.

75 Responses

  1. be carefull with your money, Jacinda is coming for you and your money. She wants it all. Tax.

  2. This Awsome sorry about it national make sure that everything is not about money just follow the labour helping homeless xxxvxvxv

  3. New Zealand is starting to lose money because of her.
    I bet Jacinda wont be able to get in next term.

  4. Well done Jacinda. You will make a great leader. A great, great leader. Like my wall. Great.

  5. Even though I supported National she is our Prime Minister for 3 years and I hope shes is a good one and i wish her good luck :):):):)

  6. wow i totally love ardern she is amazing and pretty im so happy we have her as our prime minister…

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