Italian girl finds woolly mammoth bone

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A seven-year-old Italian girl has found part of a woolly mammoth’s leg bone on a riverbank in northern Italy.

Emma Persico stumbled upon the fossilised chunk of tibia while walking along the River Po near the northern city of Cremona.

Only a blackened tip was sticking out of a sandbank, and even her paleontologist father hadn’t noticed it.

Mammoths last roamed the region at least 12,000 years ago and finding a bone there is rare, making it a dream find for the youngster.

Mr Persico used photos from a natural history museum in the Netherlands to confirm the identification – joking that if he wasn’t certain then he’d better find a new job.

The bone is now in a local museum, and will be put on display alongside a plaque with Emma’s name on it.

24 Responses

  1. wow that’s very special to have Emma’s name at the MUSEUM!!!!!
    In fact instead of very special I should say very, very special!!!!!

  2. ahhh! I wish I was her she would of got lots of money for finding that bone!

  3. Wow. I think you would have dig in that snow to find an extinct animal’s body feature!

  4. hi im sharon and im 43 my son was looking at this so i thought i would take a look to. and i was amazed so proud of u. go girl XD LOLLLLOLOLLLLLLL

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