Is this the ultimate selfie?

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Is this the best ever selfie?

An American girl by the name of Kait has taken selfies to a new level when she snuck her mum’s fully grown, 25-year-old horse, Tucker, into her parent’s bathroom for a little photoshoot.

“I decided to bring him inside and take pictures with him just because I wanted some really funny selfies that no one had ever seen before,” Kait said.

“I was home from college during a break, and both of my parents were at work for the day, so I knew I could get away with it. He was only in the house for about five minutes, just long enough to go in, take pictures, and leave.”

Kait ensured she took the utmost care of both her home and Tucker before snapping the mirror selfies. She said, “I put four hoof boots on him so he wouldn’t get the floor dirty, then I just walked him in.”

27 Responses

  1. That is a great photo, but i can take better just saying with my horse ❤️????

  2. Wow, that would be kinda hard to get Tucker in the house, because wouldn’t he/she (idk) knock something over? But really, wow that’s not something you see everyday! :0

  3. oh-so-cool!
    but why exactly would her parents have a 25-yr old horse

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