Introducing the Sushi Burger

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Sushi has gone from a posh dinner out to a lunchtime staple – and people are always finding new ways to consume it. Introducing the Sushi Burger.

Restaurants and food fanatics all over the world have been creating their own take on the Sushi Burger, and it can’t be long before it finds a way to one of our chains in New Zealand.

Chefs craft the rice into the dome shape of a burger. It is sometimes left just-cooked, sticky and fresh, and sometimes fried for ease of eating.

Also included are traditional sushi components, like raw fish, ginger, seaweed and wasabi, but with a burger shop twist – so some versions include pulled pork and pickles, while others include a big, juicy burger patty.

However, it looks impossible to eat. It certainly doesn’t seem to have the face-shoving, juice-dripping qualities of a burger carried in a sturdy bun. And it would leave you with sticky fingers and rice all over the floor.

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  1. cool. BTW do they have cooked fish or chicken or something else found in sushi? I don’t trust raw meat/fish

  2. Well it’s certainly cool to look at, but yeah I don’t think you could actually pick it up. I’d eat it for sure though, one way or another!

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