Info Jam – 28th May

info jam
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  1. Room 16 Frankton School in Hamilton. Our teachers name is Whaea Kris – we would love a Pizza lunch please (and a shout out if possible). Thanks you!

  2. Hi my name is summer i am from gisborne intermediate, LH16 is my class, and my teacher is miss bennett and i really like PIZZA!!!!!
    and really like kiwi kids news?

  3. Hi my name is Willow and im in gisborne Intermediate, Im in LH16 Mss Bennet And we love Kiwi kids news and we love to watch info jam

  4. hi my name is Liam and i go to gisborne intermediate school and my class is Lh16 and my teacheris miss bennett

  5. Hi my name is Sam. I’m from Gisborne Intermediate. I’m in LH16. my teacher is Miss Bennett.
    We love a pizza pizza party with our hub

  6. Hello my name is Montana
    School: Gisborne Intermediate
    Class: LH16
    Teacher: Miss Bennettt
    And we read Kiwi Kids every week and we
    love pizza here 😀

  7. hello my name is jesse

    and i’m from gisborne intermediate LH16 our teacher miss Bennet it would be really nice if we win our teacher is really nice too 🙂

  8. Hi my name is Ashan Im from Gisborne intermediate im in LH16, My teacher is Miss Bennet. We love kiwi kids news. We read it every week. We would love a pizza party with our Hub.

  9. hi my name is william i go to gisborne intermediate. and i’m in lh16 my teacher is miss bennet. i love kiwi kids news. we read it every week. we would love a pizza party in our hub.

  10. hello my name is henry im from gisborne intermediate my class is lh16 my teacher is miss bennet

  11. Hi my name is Charlotte! I am a student at Gisborne Intermediate and I am in LH16. My teachers name is Miss Bennett and we would really like to try and win this PIZZA PARTY.??

  12. Hi my name is chloe and i go to gisborne intermediate my class is LH16, My teacher is miss Bennett. We love doing kiwi kids news every friday. we would love a pizza party with our hub.

  13. hi my name is lexis and we go to gisborne intermediate and im in lh16,my teacher is miss Bennett we love kiwi kids news.we read it every week.we would love a pizza party with our hub.

  14. hi my name is liam and i go to gisborne intermediate and my class is lh16 and my teacher is miss bennett

  15. Hi! i am shaniza, i am student of gisborne intermediate and i am from LH16. My teacher’s name is Miss Bennett. We love kiwi kids new. We read it every week. We would love a pizza party with our hub.

  16. hello my name is Zion I go to gisborne intermediate I am In LH16 my teacher is miss bennett we love to watch info jam and we really love PIZZ so thank you for the PIZZ by

  17. Hello my names Jimmy my teachers name is miss bennett and my class is LH16 and come from Gisborne Intermediate, We love KIWI KIDS NEWS!!!! By the way ish my Birthday.

  18. Kia Ora my name is Cadence
    School: Gisborne Intermediate
    Class: LH 16
    Teacher: Miss Bennett
    I love kiwi kids news, and my whole class would love to be apart of a party.

  19. hi my name is ben and i’m in lh16 in Gisborne Intermediate my teacher is miss bennet thanks bye i will win

  20. Kia ora! Particia Avenue School’s Melville High Satellite Room 4 love watching the news every Friday morning. Our teacher Whāea Jaime would love to have a pizza lunch or a shout out, please 🙂

  21. Hi Lyds.

    Thanks so much for another informative Info Jam. Room 10 at Hornby Primary School watch it every week.
    We would love another shout out, not to mention the pizza!
    Our teacher is Miss Scott

  22. Im at Gisborne Intermediate, my name is Isabella Hopkins, im In LH1 And my teacher is Mrs Lasenby.

  23. Isabella, Mrs Lasenby (AKA best teacher in the world), and LH1, PIZZA FOR LIFEEE ^_^ oh and Gisborne Intermediate!

  24. Angus is my name. my teacher’s name is Mrs lasenby.my class is LH1. My school is gisborne intermediate. Please give us the pizza

  25. my name is robert from Lh1 gisborne intermediate mrs lasenby and im pretty coool

  26. Hello my name is Sean and i go to Gisborne intermediate my class is LH1 and my teacher is Mss Lasenby.

  27. Name:Jessica
    Class:Totara 2
    School:Hingaia peninsula school
    Teacher:Mr Kim
    Can you give a shout out to my class please?or pizza please?please?pretty please?

  28. Hi Kiwi Kids news. We love catching up on the weeks news and using it for our home learning!
    From Room 23, Upper Harbour Primary School

  29. Room One Kelston Primary Kelston Auckland
    Teachers name is Cushla Duggan
    We are a Year 5 and 6 Boys class
    We would love a shout out or a free pizza lunch!

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