India puts Lions on Trial for Murder

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Police have rounded up 18 male lion suspects wanted for the murder of three in Gujarat, India.

If one is found guilty, he will be sentenced to life in prison. Or, a kind of prison at least: a zoo.

The 18 lions now in custody will have their paw-prints and feces tested, which police believe could indicate who the culprit is.

Once the “guilty animal” is identified, he will be transferred to a zoo, and the others will be released back into the wild.

The suspects are all Asiatic lions.

The species is endangered, and its population has dwindled as human settlements encroach on its remaining habitat.

There are approximately 400 Asiatic lions left in the wild, and they are the only lion population outside of Africa.

An average Asiatic Lion, also known as the Indian Lion, weighs between 200 to 250 kg.

46 Responses

  1. It is bad that they think a zoo is like a prison. The lion is going there because he is bad but what about the animals that live in the zoo without doing anything wrong.

  2. Gorilla grap’s kid gets shot. Lion kills three people gets to stay in a luxury zoo. G8 System Earth.

  3. People aren’t endangered – the people who were killed are already dead and they’re nothing we can do about it now and what is sending the tigers to a zoo going to do?

  4. I think Lions should be treated the same as people because they are carnivores so they have to eat meat other whys they will starve to death. Don’t kill them.

  5. I love cats so that is just sad.I know its murder but they still are animals and its instinct for them to do that.Oh and if they’re putting the lion in a zoo where people can see it they’d have to make sure it’s extra secure, you don’t know if the lion is a escape artist.

  6. that their nature they cant help what they eat and where would they go on a wall,a zoo or in a cage being turchored

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