Ice cream that doesn’t melt

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Japanese scientists have done the impossible by figuring out how ice cream that doesn’t melt. Scientists at Japan’s Biotherapy Development Research Center in Kanazawa City discovered how to make ice cream that does not melt, and if you can believe it, the discovery happened by accident.

The revelation occurred while the scientists were trying to help strawberry farmers in the area who had been affected by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

While experimenting with polyphenol, a liquid extracted from strawberries, they found it had properties that make it difficult for water and oil to separate. Those properties led to the non-melting ice cream.

During the process, a chef was asked to try and make a brand new dessert using polyphenol from strawberries, but he said that the cream he was using in the dessert kept solidifying when the polyphenol was added. That’s how the scientists figured out that polyphenol would make popsicles and ice cream keep their shape.

Not too long after this discovery was made, the research centre started manufacturing cream-based popsicles, and now they’re sold at shops all over the country.

Tests have confirmed that after three whole hours of being left out in a room temperature space, the ice cream does keep its shape.

50 Responses

  1. That is amazing news I live in a different country but I can’t wait for it to come to my country

  2. This is incredible! They did a great job making Ice cream that doesn’t melt! It will help when I’m eating ice cream!

  3. This may be bad because it could be to cold in your mouth and it won’t melt in your mouth so ya this is not a smart idea.

  4. Those of you saying how would it digest,well your stomach juices are strong enough to digest metal!!! (I dont reccomend it though,I swallowed a coin once,and it hurt?)

  5. It wouldn’t stay in your stomach because your stomach acid can melt through stone and way more hard stuff

  6. Sounds like Willy Wonkas invention of ice-cream that never melts. Watch Charlie & The Chocolate factory to see unmelting ice-cream if you listen closly

  7. Sorry, But wouldn’t recommend it, It will hurt when it comes out AND it would hurt ur throat. I am REALLY sorry but, Again, Wouldn’t really recommend it. So i have put it as sad news cause you cant really eat it, It will hurt your throat. =(

  8. You actually would be able to eat it because your stomach acids would break it down so it will come out normally

  9. This is so awesome My mum always say we cant eat it right now “BUT I SAY IT WILL MELT!!!”

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