I had Covid – Views from an 11 year old

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I looked down and saw two red lines on the RAT test. I had COVID-19.

My body filled up with worry and distraught, knowing that I would have to isolate for 10 days. 

The first thing that I was worried about was missing out on things. Just imagine having everything that you have worked for being taken away from you just because you tested positive for a virus.  You miss out on seeing your friends, going to school, doing your sporting activities, school competitions, and the ability to leave the house. These things are all taken away from you for 10 days.
And I was right in the middle of it, to experience it for myself.

My name is Milli. I am 11 years old and live in Tauranga. I was one of the many people who tested positive for COVID-19 in New Zealand over the last month.

The two red lines that I mentioned above, show up on a Rapid Antigen Test to indicate that you have tested positive for Coronavirus. One red line means that you are negative. Having to isolate with your family for 10, long excruciating days, was a mission. And it was a mission that I am proud to say that I achieved. 

Having Covid, is not only headaches, sore throat, fevers, and tiredness, it is mentally hard. The feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation that you have been put in is common. I felt anxious about missing school and at times I felt like I had no clue what I was doing. 

One of the hardest things that happened while my family and I were isolating was not being able to see my friends. You come to realize how much you need something when you lose it. I definitely found this out as I experienced isolation. Something as simple as hugs. Even though you must be thinking, it’s only 10 days that you can’t hug someone. But let me tell you that throughout those 10 days, I needed a good hug every so often. 

Even though isolation was hard, I at least tried to make it better. I facetimed with friends every afternoon where they would tell me all about what was happening at school, binged watching almost every show on Netflix, and learnt how to communicate with my cat. I also had the support of my family. They comforted me all of the way through, by caring for me when I was sick, making me laugh, and somehow made it through with me.

Another thing that helped me make it through was looking at things from a different perspective, we live in a safe country, with great leaders. I know that some other kids my age living elsewhere in the world don’t have the privileges that I do.

If you end up getting Covid, just remember that you are not alone, and that you will get out of it sometime.

I heard a quote that says, “The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are often the same”. I agree with this.

Just know that by isolating, you are doing the right thing and, even though it is hard, you will make it through.

Have you had Covid or have had to isolate? Let us know how things went in the comments below.

If you are felling worried make sure that you talk to your parents or an adult.

76 Responses

  1. Hope you are feeling better now Milli! Addi has missed you while you’ve been in isolation!

  2. You are right Milli. You did a very good job of writing that. We can learn from what you went through.

  3. Well writtten Milli. Was nice to read this from a childs perspective.
    Virtual hugs for you.

  4. I had to go into iso bc my mum had a”positive”RATs test. but turns out it was actually a fake positive it was horrible i missed my friends so much.7 days into iso we found out it was a false positive!

  5. Wow that would be hard. I can’t believe a 11 yr old actually wrote this. Good job on getting rid of it

  6. woah.
    I love these views! why should people have to miss out just because they got some virus that’s eventually gonna catch us all?

  7. I have omicron, but the RAT says……… i’m negitive ’cause it’s not in my nose, but my neck. maby thats why the RAT can’t detect it by the way, my real name is Howard.

  8. I have been in isolation as well, i know what it feels like Milli, we need to get through this together 😊

  9. Lol, u got me and my friends laughing. How did u learn to communicate with ur cat? I couldn’t be able to bing watch every show on Netflix even if I was in isolation! Good job with the isolation!

  10. This is great. It reminds me of the time I had COVID symptoms. I remember feeling so anxious in the 15 minutes waiting for the results.

  11. I was isolating yesterday and the 9 days before that but i didn’t have covid 19 my dad did and i wasn’t allowed to do anything at all but i still could google meet with my class and be with my family

  12. That really made my day I was really worried about what would happen to me if I got covid

  13. I hope you get through it there is six people at my school who had covid 19 and they are isolating so thank you for sharing your story of how covid 29 was for you!!!!!

  14. Your such a brave kid covid is just so scary nowadays keep up the good work your doing great so far lots of Love from your friends at your school <3

  15. i dont think anybody here realizes covid could kill ppl if they caught it so dont go around complaing bc ur literally protecting disabled, sickk and compromised ppl..

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