Hung parliament following UK elections

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Adults in the UK have voted in the general election. This important vote decides the UK’s next government and who will be the next prime minister.

The result has now been announced as a hung Parliament.

The Conservative party did win the most Member of Parliament (MP) votes, but they didn’t win more than half, which is what they needed to do in order to automatically stay in power.

However, Theresa May will stay on as prime minister, for now, after agreeing with the Democratic Unionist Party to work together to form a government. Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party.

What is a hung parliament?

To make a government in the UK, a political party has to do well enough in a general election to win an ‘overall majority’.

There is 650 MPs (members of Parliament) in the UK, so having an overall majority means having half those MPs plus one more.

That means they need to win at least 326 seats.

If they win fewer than that, then they’re not big enough to be a majority government – even if they’ve got more seats than anyone else.
When that happens, they need help from another party, so that they have the extra support of their MPs as well.

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