Hundreds of Rhino moved

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Just over  500 rhinos are to be moved from Kruger National Park in South Africa in an attempt to keep them safe.

At this stage it looks like the animals are going to be relocated to Botswana and Zambia. It is hoped that by moving the animals to countries like Botswana – with huge areas of wilderness that are really difficult to get to – it will help protect them.

South Africa is doing this radical move to rying to tackle a severe poaching problem. More than 630 rhinos have been killed so far this year, and over 400 in Kruger alone.

Markus Hofmeyr, head vet of the national park, said: “We have to take rhinos to where they are safe.”

However, moving rhinos is not an easy job. The huge animals have to be tracked down and then  subdued before they can be transported. It is estimated that to move one rhino it costs about $2000NZD.

Rhinos are targeted by poachers because their horn is very valuable in parts of Asia. People think it shows you’re rich and important.

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  1. We think its really sad how many rhinos have already been killed this year. But it is great that they are being transported so that they are safer, and the number of rhinos can grow. WOW what a big and expensive job though!!! Thanks for all the hard work to protect these animals. Ka Pai.

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