Huge toxic orange cloud in Spain

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Tens of thousands of people have been forced to stay indoors after a huge, poisonous orange cloud appeared over the Spanish town Igualada.

The cloud was caused by an accident at a chemical factory when two chemicals were accidentally mixed causing an explosion.

Six people were injured from the blast but only one has had to stay in hospital.

More than 60,000 people living in nearby towns were told to stay indoors with the windows shut.

As the cloud later blew away, authorities later lifted the order to stay indoors.

Scientists believe the cloud is bright orange because of the type of chemicals that were mixed in the accident.

Article written by Charlotte Cull  

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29 Responses

  1. ok WHY WOULD YOU PUT A CHEMICAL FACTORY NEAR A FREAKING CITY it should have been remote like in a desert somewhere

  2. That is interesting but very dangerous – you can’t let two chemicals ‘accidentally’ mix together can you?

  3. This article shows what could happen anywhere where there is a medical facility close to a city full of people its just another thing to deal with. Things like this probably happen all the time so why are we only hearing about it now! My thoughts go out to the people who got injured in the explosion and also to their families!!

  4. how do you know it was poisonous
    just because there were 2 chemicals mixed together that
    made an explosion doesn’t mean it is poisonous it could just
    be orange because of the chemical that was created and it mixed with the smoke
    and made a big bright orange cloud!!

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