Huge Earthquakes hits Antarctica

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Scientists are currently trying to discover why a huge group of 85,000 earthquakes hit the icy cold continent of Antarctica in the year 2020.

They believe that this swarm of earthquakes were triggered by an underwater volcano.

This volcano, named the Orca Seamount, which had been dormant for a very long time, is located deep in the sea around King George Island.

Some of the triggered earthquakes were felt by scientists who were working in research labs on the island at the time.

It is believed to be the “strongest earthquake activity ever recorded” in the continent of Antarctica.

These earthquakes lasted for a long, three month period, from August 2020 to November 2020.

To find out this information , some researchers from the German Research Center for Geosciences have been using items such as seismometers – an item that responds to noises from the ground, shaking which could be caused by earthquakes, explosions and eruptions from volcanoes – and other techniques such as remote sensing.

This team was able to grab hold of more information by putting together data they retrieved from satellites and near research stations in Antarctica.

Researchers are able to say that the quakes were caused by a “finger” of hot magma or a ”very quick” transfer of hot magma that raised from the earth’s mantle to its surface.

Another interesting fact that scientists discovered is that during the occurrence of the earthquakes, the ground on King George Island moved by 11 centimeters!

Overall, scientists say that their discovery and study on these earthquakes shows that volcanic events, despite the fact that it occurred on a very remote part of the earth, can still be studied in closer de

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