Huge dinosaur found in United Kingdom

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Scientists have found bones belonging to one of the world’s largest-ever land-based dinosaurs

The remains of the two-legged, crocodile-faced spinosaurid dinosaur were found on the Isle of Wight.

The dino lived 125 million years ago. Scientists believe it measured more than 10 meters long, with sharp teeth and claws and a long tail.

Experts say it was so ferocious it would have been able to bite other dinosaurs in two!

So far only a few bones have been discovered, but it shows that the dinosaur would have been a huge creature.

The remains found include a huge pelvic and tail vertebrae – the bones that make up the spine.

Scientists are excited by this new discovery which tells them more about the spinosaurid dino.

The new bones are now on display in the Dinosaur Isle Museum in Sandown, Isle of Wight.

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