Hubble views distant galaxy

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The Hubble Telescope is a very strong space telescope that orbits the earth.

Late last week it spotted a galaxy that’s further away than any humans have seen before.

Scientists have explained that it is the furthest humans have ever been able to see.

The galaxy is so far away that the light from it has taken over 13 billion years to reach us.

That means the telescope is seeing the galaxy as it was just 400 million years after the universe was created.

Scientists were able to work out how far away it was by splitting up the light from the galaxy into the colours that its made up of.

Since the universe is expanding, objects that are very far away give off light from the red part of the colour spectrum.

Hubble telescope has it’s birthday

Hubble Telescope finds aliens?

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  1. This is so cool. I wish there were aliens…unless they want to take over earth.

  2. how would we know if they were aliens maybe they were evolved cows sent into space will we be able to identify this this subject is very interesting

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