How strong is the ironclad beetle?

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The ironclad bettle is one of the strongest animals in the world.

It can survive being run over by a car, pecked by predators and crushed underfoot.

Scientists have found that the Ironclad beetle can survive loads of about 39,000 times its body weight. That is the same as a 90kg human withstanding the weight of about 280 doubledecker buses.

Now scientists have found the reason behind the near-indestructibility of the shell.

The Ironclad’s interlocking exoskeleton is the key reason behind the finding. The interlocking sections resemble a jigsaw-puzzle pieces. In experiments the team found this helped distribute stress and make the skeleton more robust.

What is the Ironclad Bettle?

Found in wooded areas of the US west coast, the beetle is about 2cm in length.

Its wing covers, known as elytra, are not only hardened, but fused together.

Most Ironclad beetles live for live for about seven or eight years.

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  1. Wow.
    That is one strong beetle. Try killing that thing! Ooh! Maybe You could puncture it’s shell with a knife?

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