How much plastic does Coca-Cola use in a year?

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Coca-Cola has revealed it used three million tonnes of plastic packaging each year.

The new information comes following pressure from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. They are campaigning for companies and governments to do more to tackle plastic pollution.

In total, 150 companies have pledged to reduce their plastic usage as part of the campaign. these companies have announced how much plastic they use.

However, companies including Pepsi, L’Oreal and H&M haven’t said how much plastic they use.

In 2018, Coca-Cola announced a pledge to recycle a used bottle or can for each one the company sells by 2030.

Coca-Cola markets 500 brands of fizzy drink, juices and water and says it will also work towards making all of its packaging recyclable worldwide.

A number of companies – including Mars, Nestlé and Danone – have reported how much plastic packaging they create in a year.

  • Nestle: 1.7m tonnes.
  • Colgate: 287,008 tonnes in 2018.
  • Unilever: 610,000 tonnes.
  • Burberry: 200 tonnes of plastic in a year.

Companies are trying to be more open about how much plastic they use – and how much waste they create.

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  1. This is great lets keep polluting the earth so that we can be happy and there will be no animals YAY.

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