How hard is it being in the royal family?

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Initially, it seemed that when Meghan Markle married into the royal family, it would usher in a progressive new age.

However, traditional royal life remained inflexible and thus the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex made the bombshell announcement earlier this year that they were going to step back from royal duties.

Did you know? – Royal Family

No royals are permitted to take selfies with anyone
Royal etiquette dictates that royals are not to close car doors for themselves.
Despite forgoing royal duties Prince Harry remains sixth in line for the throne.

This was a very controversial move for the couple and it received a lot of media ridicule. However, millennial run sites (such as Buzzfeed) have made a point to defend Markle. Comparisons have been made on media articles written on Meghan Markle versus on Kate Middleton. For example:

The Mail Online wrote two articles one year apart. The one on Kate was captioned- “Not long to go, pregnant Kate tenderly cradles her baby bump while wrapping up her royal duties ahead of her maternity leave”

Whereas an article on Meghan was titled- “Why can’t Meghan Markle keep her hands off her bump? Experts tackle the question that has got the nation talking: is it pride, vanity, acting or a new age bonding technique?

Similarly, online paper Express wrote-“Kate’s morning sickness cure? Prince William gifted an avocado for pregnant Duchess.”

Compared to the headline they published two years later –“Meghan Markle’s beloved avocado linked to human rights abuse, and drought, millennial shame.”

Frankly, the comparisons are ridiculous. It is quite a reach to put forward that eating avocado can link one to human rights abuses. It is clear as to why the couple felt the pressure of the royal status had been detrimental. Their royal-exit has led to the verb ‘to Meghan Markle’. This gave her name and the decision a positive light. The quasi-royal name is now used as a term for prioritising your mental health. 

“Meghan Markle, a verb: to value yourself and your mental health enough to up and leave a room/ situation/ environment in which your authentic self is not welcomed or wanted.”

If people were going to use your name as a verb for something, what would you want it to be? Comment below!

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