Hot chip vending machine developed

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A Belgium company has developed the perfect chip vending machine.

Now we have all seen vending machines full of chips, chocolates and drink – but this one dispenses hot chips!

Similar machines already exist, but this is the first to fry chips in beef fat for a more authentic taste.

The new machine in Belgium takes about 90 seconds to dish out a portion of chips. You also get a fork and a dollop of tomato sauce or mayonnaise.

The first chip dispensing machine has appeared outside a supermarket in Belgium.

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56 Responses

  1. yummy but bad because so eone could just saying steal the chips machine and wander of but I think that would be the weirdest thing to see a guy or girl just walking with a chips machine the police might get them.plus if you keep eating them you might get fat so i would buy some then I would eat fruit and that so i don’t get sick or anything.you might get fat eating them when it is yummy but still don,t not be like twenty dollars or so into the machine because that is just waitings your money and you might get sick eating to much chips.it sounds cool and i do want to go and buy somei can not just wait for this that is what jp said in the comments.when you put the money in you have to make a choice put the money because sometimes machines can play up and not work when you put your money so i make a choice sometimes put it into the machine or save and buy something with the money i have got.

  2. a machine that makes ships is so weird cause it just cooks in 90 seconds no machine can beat 90 seconds

  3. a machine is like a robot accept a chip machine could make chips in 90 seconds like a fast machine

  4. Awesome! But that would be a bit unhygienic! Don’t you think! Please reply if you think so!

  5. Well, that is just encouraging people to, well, eat unhealthy stuff, and the world is already obese. I think they should have made a fruit dispenser. That would be healthy and cool, because you can decorate it with walking fruit. Or, it could actually be a fruit, a giant one! And the you press a button, and out comes that fruit! And they could be all through town! And you could collect them because they come with stickers! It would be like GeoChashing, or however it’s spelt.

  6. what if it gave the first person 20 chips and you ten lol how do u know its reliable and fair

  7. drungles (it means druugggggsssss)
    anyway i like the vending machine but it is promoting unhealthyness.

  8. I agree with Catherine Heather. They just make chips a cheap and more convenient option, becoming more available. Do you want to go a long way, pay a lot of money for fruit, nuts, vegetables? Or walk a few metres, pay a few dollars and eat some chips? Why even spend money developing it?


  9. I think that a chipvending machine is a great idea and all, but it is saying ‘hey we think that you should become even more fat’ and I dont like that concept at all. I dont think that we should have a chip vending machine in nz because everyone would be over it in a heart beat, and new zealand will have even higher obesity levels than any other country.

  10. MMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
    But who will be putting the potatoes in the vending machine??????????????????????
    What if the potatoes are rotten????????????????????
    That won’t be good will it????????????
    So i think that this would be a bad idea…………
    I don’t know does anyone agree with me?????????????????

    TEHE πŸ™‚

  11. Just saying guys, NZ already has the highest obesity levels in the world, a machine that cooks chips in beef fat really isn’t going to help.

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