Horsemeat found in UK food

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Food officials in the United Kingdom have found that frozen lasagnes, sold by many UK supermarkets, contain up to 100 per cent horse meat.

Tests are now being done to see if the meat has traces of a banned equine drug, phenylbutazone, or ‘bute’, which is harmful to humans.

There has been a huge investigation in the UK from last week after it was revealed that horsemeat was being sold to customers in beefburgers.

Supermarkets chains Findus, Tesco and Aldi all withdrew a variety of frozen beef products from sale yesterday following new information from their French supplier.

Tesco and Aldi have said the frozen lasagne and spaghetti Bolognese do not conform to specifics rules but they would not say what was the problem.  There is growing thought that they contain horse meat.

Last month a total of ten million budget beefburgers were withdrawn from sale in the UK after tests by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland found the presence of horse meat.

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1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

7 Responses

  1. i’ll say!!!! what kind of people are wrong enough in the head to put HORSE meat in lasagna and calling it beef!!!! thats just sick!!

  2. i love horses and why would you do somthing like thi you mean people thats nasty if someone did that to my horse i would be so angry

  3. OHH! thats so sad who would butcher a horse just to make more money and put more meaat in the food

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