Home needed for world’s rarest bird

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The Madagascar pochard is the world’s rarest bird.

Experts believe there are only about 80 living at the moment and they believe the bird needs a new home in order to survive.

A recent study in the journal Bird Conservation International that revealed that 96% of the chicks die after a couple of weeks because they can’t get enough food.

The wetland where the ducks live is too deep for young ducklings to dive for food.

The problem seems to be that the birds are not able to dive to the bottom of the lake where they live to get food because it is too deep.

Scientists are now on the look out for a new site so they can save the Madagascar pochard.

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  1. that is soooooooooooo sad
    I would want to keep them as a pet but I probably not be able to

  2. My parents would be SO mad if I kept one of those 🙁
    they are SOOO cute!!

    I hope they find a new home for them 🙂

    From Momo :3

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