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An 11 year old girl thought she had found the perfect hiding place in a game of hide-and-seek with her cousins…that was until she got herself stuck.

Hiding in a washing machine kept her hidden throughout the game but after she realised the game had ended, she found that she couldn’t get out.

Her legs had fell asleep after being curled up so tight throughout the game and she couldn’t use her numb feet to help push herself out at the angle that was needed as the machine was underneath the dryer.

The young girl quickly became scared as the device which stirs the clothes was pushing against her chest and making it hard to breathe.

Her older sister tried to get the panicking girl out with butter, peanut butter and even ice, but in the end was forced to call her mother who rushed home with the girl’s aunt.

When the girl’s mother was unable to get her out with the help of her aunt, they called 911 and firefighters were sent.

Thankfully the girl was freed safely, with only a few bruises. Although she found the perfect hiding spot, she won’t be hiding in there again any time soon!

Article written by  D Mulhern

55 Responses

  1. Why would you think of that spot? Everyone knows that’s a stupid hiding spot.

  2. I think that is just stupid! Who on earth would hide in a… washing machine? !

  3. thats so dumb of her. Just imagine how scary it would be. I would completely freak out.

  4. Omg I would be so scared of her Im claustrophobic which means I am scared of small tight spaces!!!!

  5. OMG,

    Were u like totally freaked out i would be terrified that would be awful and when did they find u?
    Did they have to yank u out what did it feel like were u like shouting and everything?

  6. Ouch!

    That would hurt!

    I’m glad that she got out.

    P.S. All the people who say its stupid .. Its not ..

  7. OW!!! That must be painful!!! Im glad im not that girl cause im claustrophobic.


  9. why would she want to go and hide in the washer and not realize that she was stuck and to get out before her legs went numb so my advice never hide in the washing machine

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