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Many people  who have anxiety or suffer with stress and anxiety tend to pick at their skin and fingers as a bad habit. Through a local survey it is found that 79.4% of people struggle with picking at their skin to some degree. There is no medical cure but two Mt Roskill Grammar Students have found a way to help people break out of this bad habit, by designing stylish jewellery rings with movable beads on them to play with instead. With the help of the YES Enterprise Scheme and the Lion Foundation, they have opened their own virtual company named SeRing. The rings are innovative, handmade and up for sale on the official SeRing website – Website.

Other fidget and stress relief items, like fidget spinners,  aren’t made for this specific purpose and can be distracting in classrooms while SeRing doesn’t disturb anyone while providing comfort, satisfaction and more. SeRings come in 23 ring sizes, and in multiple designs, including their upcoming fidget spinner design, with a fidget spinner shaped bead that actually spins! SeRing also offers rings with healing crystal beads on them to make them more meaningful for the user. Our designs are inspired by real life people and situations.  For example, they interviewed a couple of their peers who suffer from anxiety and one of them said that they feel better when going out and looking at the stars, that’s how the Starry SeRing was innovated . They are also trying to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation NZ, to bring more awareness to how important mental health in society is. One of their loyal customers said “ I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety recently and SeRing has helped me and my friends so much!” 

Another customer also said “ I have the bad habit of picking at my skin and fidgeting around with my hands when things become stressful and it’s a bit embarrassing when I end up doing it in public places, or when the people around me notice. But SeRing stops me from picking my skin and is also very subtle. People just think I’m playing around with my jewelry instead!” 

So what are you waiting for? Buy your own SeRing today!

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  1. I have got some of these And it’s amazing , so stylish that it passes off as jewellery and stopped me from biting my nails when I’m stressed
    Awesome invention !

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