Haunted asylum paintball

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Asylum Paintball in Auckland was opened last November in the former psychiatric hospital’s maximum security ward in Kingseat Hospital.

Since it’s opening, a range of odd and freaky events have taken place, spooking workers and paintball players.

The spooky activities have gotten so bad that owners, Vitaly Miheer and Anton Klimenko have brought in a New Zealand paranormal investigation and research team known as Haunted Auckland.

Ghostly figures have been appearing in photographs taken by the paintball team, and doors slam closed out of the blue for no apparent reason. Camera batteries also suddenly die on full charge, even when they last for hours outside of the building.

Haunted Auckland is making a documentary on their investigation of the building.

The two two-storey adjoining buildings have 20 rooms and are connected by a steel-caged security tunnel.

The buildings were locked up for 20 years, abandoned before the paintball organisation moved in.

Investigators reported seeing strange shadows and hearing a number of strange sounds, including the laughter of an unseen man.

The Haunted Auckland team wants to speak to former workers of Kingseat Hospital to share their experiences.

Article written by  D Mulhern

48 Responses

  1. This is really scary. The laughter of a unseen man is really creepy. If I was one of the people doing the research on the case I don’t think I would last long.

  2. wow that looks so cool and i would really love to investigate the paintball arena (paintball asylum) even though it sounds creepy B)

  3. that’s sound fun and creepy at the same time i would love to go investigate it but not by my self.

  4. some ghost are really just people who prank innocent people or it could be just some body working on the area who was laughing but the shadow could be someone or it could be a phantom or ethier a pologoterist the type which makes a lot ruckas/noise i’m a nerd of that scifi alien time travel ghost legend kind of people

  5. Or could possibly be a publicity stunt by the staff of Asylum Paintball to try and boost profit.

  6. I never been there before but sounds creepy and fun at the same time
    I want to go there but certainly not by myself I also live in Auckland

  7. I think personally there just making up all that jazz about the unseen man , ghost figures , door slams and all that.

  8. unreal
    if u believe in that then that’s fine but i’m just saying it ain’t true

  9. i what to see more evidence and more pictures to see if there were more sightings of the so-called “ghost”

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