Has the Black Panther been sighted again?

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There have always been rumours of a large black cat in the South Island.

The latest sighting has been at Hanmer Springs. At about midday on Sunday, Christchurch osteopath, Mark Orr, was mountain biking on the Perseverance Bike track, when he swears he spotted it.

Sightings of a giant South Island cat have been circulating since about the 1990s, everywhere from Canterbury to Marlborough to Southland.

A local cyclist, Mark Orr, said he saw a large cat, about knee height… pretty stocky when it turned around and had a look at us.

Orr thinks it was about 50 metres away when he spotted it, but he did not think to get the phone out in the moment.

As it moved to about 100 metres away his partner was able to get the video footage, he said.

“There is no chance that was a dog. None at all… There’s nothing in it for me to go around telling people that I saw something I didn’t, but it was definitely a big cat, there’s no doubt about it in my mind anyway.”

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  1. amazing that is so cool!
    what is your gmail name i want to know who you are and what is your name

  2. We think it could be a big foot on all fours or a fat dog or a big cat. Some of us are convinced it is a Black Panther, but some of us are not.

  3. omg what is that? maybe a black panther? who knows what it is brobley a wild cat im’ not sure about it

  4. Could we please use proper grammar in the comments, please. I’m sick of all the times I find people saying things that don’t make sense. please use grammar when commenting, thanks.

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