Hamilton Cat Burglar

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Always wondered why there is no undies in your drawer, or why you only have odd socks?

I bet you blamed the washing machine!

In Claudelands, Hamilton, there is another reason. Every night for the past two months, Brigit, a six-year-old Tonkinese cat, has been stealing undies and socks.

Her haul includes a dozen boxer briefs and around 60 single socks.

The obsession was largely unnoticed until her owner started packing her house to move.

Her owner had put notes in letterboxes in her suburb but so far, no-one had come forward.

They are moving to the country soon and her owner hopes Brigit will find another hobby.

“Hopefully there’s something there she can find to catch but if not we may have to stash some undies around the farm to keep her stimulated.”

43 Responses

  1. wow a cat that robbs peoples houses you would think that cat was a trained robber!!!!!!

  2. This cat is amazing!Fortunately I don’t live in Hamilton and have no lost undies or socks.

  3. ???????????????? ? Cute what a neat Cat i wish i had one so i wont be low on socks and undies in the morning. and all that cat needs to do is to steal someone elses undies and socks ???????????????? ?

  4. Hahahaha my cat does that (Only with shoes) But she’s tiny and funny. But this cat what goes on in their mind?!

  5. HAHAH LOL our mates cat steals a cookie monster toy and our cats bring frogs inside !!!

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