Haircut issue goes to court

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A school boy who is refusing to cut his hair to conform to school rules has taken his fight to court.
Year 12 student Lucan Battison was suspended by St John’s College’s principal Paul Melloy last month for having long hair.
The rule at his school states that hair needed to be off the collar and out of the student’s eyes.
Lucan has not returned to school since.
The boys father  Troy Battison is seeking a review of the suspension in the High Court at Wellington.

Do you think students should be allowed to have any hairstyle at school??
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  1. Hi
    I think that students should be allowed to wearany type of hair style as long as it isn’t like colorful. Having that kind of rule is no good becuse they are putting limitations to ournown personalty.

  2. Its just a hair cut i mean come on cool or not cool he should be allowed at school!
    If that boy is dumb when he’s older that’s the school’s fault.>:[

  3. i think its wrong to kick someone out of school for just having long hair, if he wanted to have long hair let him thats mean i think if you dont let him, he offered to tie it back and i think thats good but if you dont like that you need to re-think your rules.

  4. I think that boys and girls should have any hair style they want, you can’t choose what other people have done. Its the school’s choice about the rules but having long hair should not be 1!


  6. Kids should wear their hair how they like. What are they worried about? Getting their hair wrapped around a pencil? If they are so concerned, let them tell the kids to just put their hair into a ponytail or a plait.

  7. I reckon that they should be able to have any hair style that they want.
    Because otherwise they could get offended and think that the principal and teachers don’t like their hair style

  8. I think its good he is sticking up for himself and its a really silly rule for at a school!

  9. who eva said that he should be able to have any hair cut there wrong.My brother goes to that school and he had to cut his hair because in tech its not safe.Also when you enroll to go to this school you have to sign a piece of paper saying that you will have your hair not past your ears.Its silly to go to court sort your own problems out.

  10. That is one of the dumbest rules ever he should be able to I feel so sorry for him and to go to court and get suspended a big NO. >:(

  11. I totally think that the rule the school have is Silly with a capital-S ):C
    Why should he be suspended from school!
    Why don’t they suspend girls from school if thats the rules! (They have long hair!) >I:(
    I wish this generation did not have as much conflict about things like that..

  12. Guys,Don’t be so ignorant. Rules are rules. You have to follow them or else you’ll be punished.

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