Great white numbers on the decline

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New shark research shows the great white shark population of New Zealand is lower than expected.
The study estimates the total number of adults in the eastern population at just 750 and only 5,460 juvenile great white sharks.
This area includes New Zealand, the east coast of Australia and some of the south Pacific.
Scientists from the Department of Conservation (DoC) and National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) contributed to the study.
They provided genetic samples from white sharks tagged near Stewart Island, Chatham Islands and the New Zealand mainland, and from sharks accidentally caught by fishers.
Great white sharks are absolutely protected in New Zealand waters and if people accidentally catch one they must release it immediately alive and unharmed, and are required to notify DoC.

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  1. there are only few great white sharks in the world so we must help and we can help by not catching them even though they do tend to eat us we should still keep them alive.

  2. this shark is so cute to me and my brother because he love sharks and sharks should be saved because are just being normal creatures that’s living a normal life like other sea creatures that’s in the ocean save that creatures that’s in the sea and the great white sharks are eating us because they think that we are seals when we are on surf boards so save the shark no matter what keep them safe from the humans that’s trying to kill them if anyone is trying to kill the sharks then stop them because eating because we are in there homes so keep the people away from there homes or they will get you if you are in there homes and also keep there homes clean or if we don’t then we won’t have any sea creature in the sea or we won’t be able allow to see our favourite sea creatures because they are all gone so keep the SHARKS safe NO MATTER WHAT

  3. we should save sharks no matter what because you may not know what happened in their life.Something bad may have happened to them and it could hurt their feelings.Take care of sharks these days even if you caught one don’t harm it.Love sharks.LOVE FROM Heimata

  4. We should save the sharks because if they go extinct then the food chain will change and it might affect the whole world.

  5. it is really sad to see such beautiful creatures die. Me myself love sharks and really hope a miracle happens other wise no one else will be able to see them and i want to study them when im older and a marine biologist

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