Grapes that taste like candy floss

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In 2003, California based horticulturist David Cain experimented how to make grapes that tasted like candy floss in Bakersfield, America.

Scientists started experimenting in test tubes cross breeding various wild grape varieties. Breeding these grapes was difficult because seedless grapes cannot reproduce on their own.

When 100,000 test tube plants had been grown, over a period of eight years, one with fruit that tasted just like candy floss was created.

They started with planting 2 acres and as time has gone by they have increased it to 200 acres full of these grapes. These grapes are still quite expensive if you get your hands on them,  but very well worth it as they are delicious.

So in conclusion, if you like candy floss you will love these grapes.

Article written by  Hannah McCulloch 

1. Find quote from the main person in this news article?

56 Responses

  1. Awesome! I want those grapes! Now that people that don’t like grapes and like candy floss will like these! What a great idea! I love grapes now I can like them even more!

  2. This experiment looks interesting.
    But, I don’t think I would certainly eat this grape taste like candyfloss. Because, these grapes have been played around in test tubes and stuffs.

  3. It would be good if they could safely mass produce fruit and vegetable and vital nutrients that taste sweet at a
    cost, without losing vital nutrients. Then, obesity could, longterm, be reduced, as more people would eat healthy food.

  4. Wow yummy I really want to eat these when do hey get to NZ all I know is once they arrive they’ll be eaten in a day.

  5. Maddie: yummmy yummy in my tummy

    Jemma:mmm tasty YUM YUM YUM YUM LET ME EAT SOME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

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