Granny won’t move, even for $27 million

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An Australian grandmother has turned down an offer of AU$26 million (NZ$27 million) to sell her home.

Like a scene out of the classic Australian comedy, The Castle, an 82-year-old grandmother named Ruth won’t sell her house.

She was approached by developers looking to transform her 2500-square-metre corner block.

In late 2014, a block of five properties opposite Ruth’s house sold to developers for $20.5 million.

However, the grandmother of six said she had “no intention” of selling up.

“I don’t care if they offer me $50 million,” she said.

Ruth purchased the land with her late shopkeeper husband Elli 55 years ago, and designed the house herself.

She still tends to her garden, and collects eggs from her chickens on the property.

Ruth said she was happy her neighbours had done well, but Castle Hill was her home.


20 Responses

  1. That is so nice that she still lives there. I hope the developers don’t put pressure on her to sell the house.

  2. wow, what would you do if someone confronted you saying that they would give you 27 million for your house. I would take it!

  3. Nice going but maybe time for a change. 27 million would get you quite change for the better!

  4. Just reading the comment’s I see that money is the only thing people care about. (Like seriously?)

  5. my g-pa just moved out of his house and my g-ma just past away and my g-pa made the house it was hard for him to move to 🙁

  6. I go for that old lady!
    At least she knows how expensive her house is now because NZ $27 million is sure something to be proud of!
    she’s obviously a very good house designer and life isn’t always about money!

  7. That’s not a bad idea. I mean if you had a nice, cozy home you’ve been living in for years, do you want to sell it? Lose your propety with all your memories…

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